Site Rules

1. Real Estate Company "" Property owners have to help real estate sales and rental, and purchase and / or rental for those wishing to buy or rent in accordance with;

2. Real estate may be temporary or permanent alienation of both paid and free (see. Comments);

3. Paid Ads:

3.1 application is published only after paying the company's bank account to your contacts and interested third person gikavshirdebat directly to you;

3.2 application after the deadline, unless the amount of the payment or notification of its re-sale, it will move automatically to our contacts and affect the free application conditions;

4. Free Classified

4.1 application is published in the lifetime of the property before the sale / lease or for some reason in the real estate sales / rental before the halt. In both cases, the company will immediately be fully informed of.

4.2 The statement described the sale of real estate / renting the company's brokerage division;

4.3 In the case of a company, the company will be carried out by brokers of space for a third party to purchase / rental, the company takes a commission of the following conditions: In case of purchase - a deal valued at 2-3%, while in the case of a rental - the total value of the rental contract of 10%;

4.4 In the case of your company and the fees paid to avoid you hide your own space on a temporary or full disposal of the company proposed by the third party, but in fact it turns out that the area of ​​the actual ball is carried out is offered by the company by a third party, you have to pay Fee specified in the contract.

5. The list of changes in value in the case of space, the company must immediately be informed about the change;

6. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by you!

7. What is the size of the pictures I might add?

A picture of the added value does not exceed 1,5 MB- and dimensions 1000X1000 pixels. Recommended image size 800X600 pixels and the size of 1MB-. A statement of the maximum number of images uploaded to 7.

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