For Sale - Land

Price:2700000 GEL
Date: 2023-07-09

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Leaving space:350000 sq.m
Author: ნელი

Address:Georgia, kvareli



35 ha land for sale fenced with wooden poles and wire. There are two 2-storey guard buildings and 2 wells on the territory, on which there are 5 20-ton cistes. There is also a real mobile equipment warehouse (parking) with 1 warehouse room in the area. A drip irrigation system is installed in the vineyard. Cultivated with Italian stainless steel poles on 7 (twin) wires and with the following parameters: distance between rows 2.5 meters and distance between vines 1.3 meters. The vineyard has inteet and TV. Installed high-resolution moving cameras that allow remote control of the entire perimeter of the vineyard. Strawberries are grown in the empty coers of the plots. The main vineyard areas are: • Total land area: 28.5 ha which is fully developed with 6 and 7 year old Sapera and 3 ha with 1 year old Sapera. Vineyards and lands located next to the main vineyard • Kisi vineyard - 0.5 ha 5 years • Green and Rkatsiteli - 0.5 ha 6 years • Saperavi - 1.7 ha of which 0.7 ha 6 years and 1 ha 3 years • Empty land - 2 ha • Factory empty land Fenced With walnut and fruit trees, located next to the main vineyard - 1 ha. Price equivalent to $ 1000,000 in GEL +995577777141

რკინიგზის ჩიხი: yes
კომუნიკაციები :
electricity: no
Gas: yes
Sewage: yes
Water: no
შენობა-ნაგებობა :
ცენტრალური გზიდან დაშორება :
თბილისიდან დაშორება :
დანიშნულება : adgricultural

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